Reward your clients for all that hard earned traffic.

Automatically turn more visitors into customers with Granify!

Granify maximizes revenue for online retailers by identifying shoppers that aren’t going to buy and changing their mind — before they leave the site — by harnessing the power of real-time big data and machine learning.

Granify analyzes over 400 attributes per second while shoppers browse your site and breaks visitors into 3 groups:

  • Those that will buy
  • Those that will not purchase
  • Those that will not purchase, but are influenceable

After Granify identifies a shopper that is influencable but will not purchase, we further analyze this shopper to understand their hierarchy of needs and objections. Granify then shows the right message to that shopper in an effort to overcome their specific objection, resulting in a customer you would've otherwise lost.

Granify works on all e-commerce stores, regardless of platform.

We provide tangible, real results and operate on a pay for performance model so our incentives are aligned.